Ann and Andy

I grew up with a little Raggedy Ann doll. My husband thinks they’re scary, but I always loved lifting up the shirt of my doll and seeing the little heart on her chest. It was like a secret we shared. I could always look, and I would know that I was loved, a gift from my mother. I found these two together amongst many other Raggedy Ann dolls at an antique store, but these two seemed like quite the pair.

A lunchtime walk with vintage treasures

I’ve had my eye on this car for quite a while, but I never got around to photographing it because there was no place to park – so, lazy me, I had to walk there. It’s only about a mile from my house. I shot these pretty much all one handed – I tried to multitask and bring the dog with for a walk, so my settings weren’t ideal.

I’m sure I’ll go back when the lighting is better and I have both hands free. I did try stepping on the leash to hold the dog, but it wasn’t very effective. Obi, my Jack Russell terrier mix, is very energetic no matter how long his walk is.