A new Holga film camera

I purchased a $33 plastic film camera that I just received, the Holga 120N. I haven’t shot film since I had a 110 film camera when I was younger, this camera takes 120 medium format film. The point of the camera is that there are light leaks on the film due to the poor quality of the camera, which is ideal for beautiful vintage effects. I’ve loaded my first roll – can’t wait to get it developed!


I do have a Diana Lomography lens for my DSLR, but the light leaks aren’t the same. On the Holga, each camera has a lack of quality control, so every one is slightly different. This means that you could shoot the same picture on three Holgas, and get three different shots.

This camera comes with two options for the size of pictures, square or vertical. I chose the square format. However, I did decide to purchase an adapter so it will take 35mm film, which is cheaper than the 120 film. I’m going to play around with both and see which I like better.