A tilted desk

I took this shot on my Polaroid Snap instant camera on the sepia setting. I feel like this is a desk Beatrix Potter might have sat at. I know, I’m probably way off on the era of this, but I end up involving Beatrix Potter whenever possible.


I also took another shot of this on my Instax Wide 300 instant camera. They both have such different moods.



I brought my instant Polaroid Snap camera down to the Mukilteo waterfront. The ferry in the background connects to Whidbey Island about 15 minutes away – my most favorite place in the whole world. I wanted to capture the three main elements in this photo that make the view so enchanting – the lighthouse, the ferry, and that picket fence!


I love black and white photography. In this one, my lighthouse looks a little lopsided, but I do love the birds that came in on the upper right-hand corner!


I love the rich colors the camera was able to capture in this one. The day actually looked almost overcast to me, but here the sky looks quite blue!


Coffee shop instant photos

I went to my favorite coffee shop on the Mukilteo waterfront. They have an eclectic collection of mugs for the drop coffee. I brought my instant camera along to meet up with my best friend at the coffee shop.


You can’t see below, but the window faces the water, and you can watch the ferry go back and forth.


This one is a sepia shot, and I really enjoyed the accidental composition of the men outside and the stars in the windows.


Even though the flowers are cut off a bit on this one, I like the oddness of the placement.